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Pet Memories

Honor your pet by adding a picture and a story about the great memories you have of your beloved family member.  

Recent Pet Memories


How do you say goodbye…I will miss our walks, playing fetch, your bath time,..all the tricks Mommy taught you. Your sweetness and unconditional love. Mommy and Daddy will miss you sweet boy. Rest in peace sweet soul 💔❤

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Our beautiful K.O. we love and miss you more than words can express!! You were only 5 my baby!! It’s so not fair you’re in puppy heaven. You were the smartest most amazing loving dog that ever lived!! You could say I love you!! No dog can do that!! You amazed us ever day and we knew your unconditional love!! Our lives will never be the same!! Run in paradise my sweetheart!! Forever in our hearts!! We will cry for you until we meet again ❤

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Dutchess was our families 2nd GSD. She was “rescued” from a pet store at the age of 15 weeks. We had lost our first GSD on February 18, 2010. Dutchess was born April 3, 2010 and passed tragically and ironically on February 18, 2023. She will be missed by her entire family but most mournfully by her best friend and Mommy Jenn! There is nothing like a dogs love and no bond will ever be the same as the one between Mommy and Dutchie girl!

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My Bubba was my best friend. My late grandmother got him for me as an early 17th birthday present. And at the store the second I held Bubba I knew he was what I needed. He was my whole world and I did everything I could with him. He was my baby and the cutest and most friendly bird you’d ever met! My sister who hates birds even liked Bubba! He was just so full of love and life and was just happy to be around and included.5 years will never be enough with him.

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Amy initially came to us as a 2-week foster. She was transported north from North Carolina as an 11th-hour rescue through PAWS (Pioneers for Animal Welfare Society, Long Island) after she lost her home when her senior mom went into a nursing home. Sadly she was placed in a kill-shelter, and that was to be her fate were it not for PAWS rescue.

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Harley was the weirdest Siberian Husky you’ll have ever know. She did not like the cold (snow) but, her excitement for water and ice cubes her family knew to well. With her big BLUE EYES all instantly to fall in love. She always knew when something was wrong with her family she stayed by their side. To ensure they always had someone near them.

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