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Our Services

We Handle Every Detail With Care

From the time your beloved pet passes to the time we deliver their remains back to you we take the highest level of care possible to ensure the proper handling your family member.  


Our Services

100% Lowest Price Guaranteed!

    On-Site Cremations

    We provide cremation services for any size animal right in our brand-new state of the art crematory located right here in West Babylon. You no longer need to have your pets shipped long distances to complete the cremation process.


    Private Viewing Rooms

    Use our fully furnished private rooms to have a ceremony to celebrate the life of your beloved family member.


    24/7 Pick up & Delivery Service

    We are available anytime day or night to help you and your family in your time of need. Plan ahead or call us anytime to arrange for a pick up of your pet when the time comes. We will handle every aspect of the process as if it were our own.



Save Time & Stress

    Advance Arrangements

    When the time comes, take the stress out of planning your pets’ final arrangements. Let us help you make a plan in advance. This way, you only need to make one simple phone call and we will take care of all your pre-planned wishes without you having to think about it.

  • Lock in the Lowest Rate

    We always offer a 100% lowest possible price guarantee. Lock in today’s low rates by planning in advance. If the rate goes up, you will only pay your agreed price. If the price goes down, we will match the lowest price available. Guaranteed!



Visit Our New
Keepsake Shop
  • URN

    Custom Keepsake Shop

    Browse our extensive selection of classic and unique urns and keepsakes. We stock the widest selection of custom urns in a variety of materials and sizes to accommodate every clients wishes.


    On-Site Engraving

    Customize your keepsakes with our on-site engraving services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  We can come pick up your beloved pet at any veterinarians' office or directly from your home.  You may also bring your pet to our location if you prefer.

The price will vary depending on the size of the animal and type of cremation you choose. However, we always offer the lowest possible price and will beat any competitor’s price.  Guaranteed!  No questions asked.  

Our typical individual cremations happen within 24 hours of receiving your pet.  You will be able to have your pet back within 2-3 business days.  We also offer private viewings and rush cremations upon request.

Yes.  We welcome all pet owners to view the individual cremation of their beloved pet.  We offer private viewing rooms to accommodate you or your entire family. 

Aftercare handling has been one of the largest issues surrounding cremation for humans as well as pets. We have a strick procedure and state of the art system that carefully tracks your pet from the moment we take ownership of them.

Of Course!  We encourage you to pre-plan whenever possible.  Once a plan is in place, you simply need to call or text us when the time has come. We will snap into action and take care of all the arraignments from there.  It is the most stress-free way to deal with a stressful situation.

Yes.  We can arrange to pick up your pet from any location in a timely manner and drop them back off to you at your convenience.  We also offer 24/7 emergency service if needed.

Absolutely.  Cremation has been recognized as a safe and humane way to handle both human and animal remains.  Unlike other less sanitary methods, cremation is a highly regulated and an eco-friendly solution. Despite false claims there is no true "green" solution.  However, modern cremation produces an extremely low amount of emissions and is proven to leave a very minimal carbon footprint.

Experience Matters

We have served New York, New Jersey and Connecticut for over 15 years.