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Amy initially came to us as a 2-week foster. She was transported north from North Carolina as an 11th-hour rescue through PAWS (Pioneers for Animal Welfare Society, Long Island) after she lost her home when her senior mom went into a nursing home. Sadly she was placed in a kill-shelter, and that was to be her fate were it not for PAWS rescue. After Amy arrived to L.I. she spent a couple of months with us, receiving all the proper care, nutrition and medical treatment that she had apparently been denied for a variety of issues during her ‘former life’. One day in particular, Amy definitively chose us to be her forever family and we willingly obliged her for the next five years. Pure love, pure joy, and sweet as sugar, Amy loved people, her backyard, walks, and being snuggled. She loved us unconditionally and thrived on hugs and kisses… of which she received thousands and returned just as many. Her infamous ‘Cheese Dance’ became her trademark, as she danced whenever given a ball of American Cheese, which earned her the nickname of ‘’The Cheese-dancer’’. We have many videos of her cheese dances and treasure replaying them every so often on social media or for friends and family. All who knew Amy loved her sweet & easy temperament and her ‘joie de vivre’. Amy always lived up to her name, which when translated means ‘beloved‘, or dearly loved’ ……and that is what she will always be. Miss you dear, Amy!

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