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Our buddy o’pal Gillain, we greatly miss you and can’t believe that it’s already time to say goodbye. Time with you flew by in an instant. We brought you into our family back in 2011 from a friend of a relative. You always were quite the quirky friend, a bit antisocial and shy, but truly you had a kind heart. When your childhood friend Captain would visit, you would always bark at him when he misbehaves. You loved following us around when we did yard work and would sniff and rip the grass from the ground, we would joke that you’re more like a cow than anything else. As you got older, you slept more and more and would have difficulty walking. You were a true fighter and gave it your all even towards the end. 5/29/2023 at 10:26 PM you passed peacefully in your sleep at 14.5 years old. We are deeply saddened by your departure from us and can’t believe you are gone already. We love you Gillian, you’ll be reunited with Captain up there in doggy heaven!

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