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Harley was the weirdest Siberian Husky you’ll have ever know. She did not like the cold (snow) but, her excitement for water and ice cubes her family knew to well. With her big BLUE EYES all instantly to fall in love. She always knew when something was wrong with her family she stayed by their side. To ensure they always had someone near them. She was a 12yo and left us to soon. She enjoyed chasing the kids around the counter n play hide n seek. She would eat ever crumb insight (HARLEYHOVER).. They love her family had for her will never stop. We loved her more then she will ever know. I hope you are chasing your feline friends (smokie n tigger) as well as ur cousin Hunter who passed last week. Rest easy Harley 🙏🏼We love you. Grandpa will be lost without you. Fly high Harley we miss you dearly. ❤❤❤

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  1. Harley, you were a great dog and friend. Give Hunter licks for us🐾😢💕

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